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Campus Locations

Marine & Petroleum Safety Center

3225 Youngs Road
Morgan City, La. 70380
Phone: (985) 385-7036
             (985) 380-2457


Young Memorial Campus
900 Youngs Road
Morgan City, La 70380
Phone: (985) 380-2957

Campus Dean
Anthony Baham

Assistant Dean
Captain Carl Moore



Welcome to the H & B Young Marine & Petroleum Safety Training Center

The SCLTC-Young Memorial Marine Department was started in 1960 by local industry to establish a training center for the maritime industry. The marine department was located on a donated ship tied to the Front Street docks in Morgan City. Throughout the years the Oil field grew and the needs of industry changed. With the changes in industry the department changed also. In 1972 the Marine Department moved to the Young Memorial Campus on Youngs Road. Since then the department has stepped forward to establish itself with a can do reputation.

In 2005 the SCLTC-Young Memorial Marine Department moved a portion of training to the new 3225 Youngs Road site. The new site offers water front access for training. Located on the new site is, a hydraulic crane, a flashover fire trainer, GMDSS lab, and state of art Radar simulation lab.

SCLTC-Young Memorial Marine Department was established by industry to meet the training needs of offshore workers, and these needs are met daily.








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